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Scenes from Wish You Were Dead 

(indie short shot by MBI Film Student Sullivan Williams)

Cuttings from Tom's Shorts (part one)


  1. Run On

  2. A little Secret

  3. Affliction

  4. Cold Space

  5. Factory Of Lies

  6. Fairfield

  7. The Gift Of The Magi


Fun Fact: There was only one horse used in the filming of Fairfield. Yes, you read that right, regardless of what you see on the screen we only ever had one horse to film this script. 


That is Cinemagic folks!

Cuttings from Tom's Shorts (part two)


  1. I Will. Thanks. 

  2. The Artifact

  3. A Shocking Accident

  4. No Sleep 'Til Madison

  5. Run On

  6. Sylvia

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