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...on some fond memories

REDEEMED:                                          Actor (40 characters)                 PROVISION THEATER (Tim Gregory)

The Fall and Rise of Chuck Colson

"Wonderful, fast paced, funny and

thought provoking play."

"A powerful presentation."

"An exceptional production."



"Tom McElroy skillfully performs multiple characters."


"The number of characters portrayed so uniquely

was really quite amazing!"


A tour de force of acting and playwriting. Thought-provoking, funny, sad, hopeful, and ultimately inspiring. Armentrout captured the essence of Colson, and McElroy became a dizzying amount of supporting characters with his quick costume changes and personality metamorphoses. With its echoes of the Watergate Scandal, this play is a must see for our current times.


How well done could a play with 2 actors be? 
I was blown away! The acting was stellar, the writing top notch. I chuckled and even shed a tear. Truly, a wonderful picture of one who was redeemed!



"The story itself was historical, interesting

and uplifting."


"The acting by both men was first rate!"